Sunday, February 5, 2017

Income Tax Problems and Free Solutions

 Many people have followed this path from unfair taxation to freedom...

Income tax problems and solutions

  1. According to the tax code:  Wages are only the amount paid to an officer, employee, or elected official of government.
  2.  Not one person in 100 has probably ever received “wages” as defined by the IRS code!
  3. You have probably never owed the taxes even though you’ve spent years filling out forms, keeping records and paying taxes!
  4. Thousands of people get full refunds of their current tax filing. 
  5. Once you correct your filings you may also get money back from previous years with interest.
  6.  “Federal income tax”. Like its title says, is a tax on federal income. If you work for the feds you owe the tax.
  7. The tax is actually an excise tax on federally privileged activity and has nothing to do with what we earn in the private sector, but the feds will allow you to believe you owe the tax, pay it and they will fine you when you cheat on it, just as if you really were a federal employee.
  8. Copies of hundreds of refund checks, worth millions of dollars, are available online for you to view on Pete Hendrickson’s bulletin board and honor roll.
  9. The simple book that lays it all out is named “Cracking the Code”.
  10. Do you want help with your tax problems? 
  11. Pete Hendrickson’s book is just a click away for around $25 plus shipping
  12. Pete’s website is  
  13.  And buying his inexpensive book from his website:

Do you want free help with IRS problems?
Do you or members of your family have income tax problems?
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